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Job Interview Skills Course

Course Objectives
This course helps you to develop the essential strategies for success in job interviews. It covers different stages of the interview process from interview preparation to post interview follow-up. It offers intensive interview training practices with particular emphases on the skills required in impromptu speaking, syndicated discussion and individual presentation.

Tailor-made interview training programs are offered for a wide range of industries, from Hong Kong disciplined services and civil service posts including Police Inspector and Immigration Officer, to flight attendant and general business positions.

Course Contents

  • Types of job interview
  • Effective language for interviews
  • Handle common interview questions and difficult job interview situations
  • Crafting a powerful and memorable self-introduction
  • Preparation for impromptu speaking
  • Preparation for syndicated discussion
  • Building confidence and strategies for dealing with nervousness
  • Salary negotiation and terms

Course Materials
You shall get to practice with many different methods during the course and shall also receive course material for study and reference after the course.