New Course

Business English Course

The course helps working professionals communicate accurately and effectively in English in various business contexts. Students learn through role-plays, in-class exercises and discussion. You will enhance fluency, confidence and English competence to deal with foreign colleagues and clients in workplace.

Course Content

•Conferencing, telephoning, business and social occasions with clients and colleagues, presentation skills

Practical English Course

The course helps you to speak English with ease and confidence in everyday life and prepare for life in an English-speaking world. Topics include greetings and introductions, invitations, dining, telephoning, asking and giving directions. You will also learn how to do small talks, to socialize with new acquaintances and to make friends.

Course Content

• Role-plays, in-class exercises and discussion

• English conversations in various occasions including restaurant, shops, social functions and traveling

• Conversational skills, grammar and vocabulary in real-life situations

English on Current Issues

The course focuses on developing understanding and language skills through discussing current news materials from various English news media and the use of authentic video, audio and written texts. Each lesson has a theme and you will learn how to present your ideas and participate in group discussion effectively and clearly. All the materials adopted focus on current topical themes from the media.

Course Content

• Group discussion on current topical and global issues

• Vocabulary building and common expression

Class Information

Course length : One lesson per week

Day & Time : Please contact our staff for timetable.

Course fee : $2,500