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NEEC offers many major advantages over traditional English teaching:

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All our teachers are fully qualified to teach English as a second language. Their native language (mother-tongue) is English, and they studied either English or Teaching English as a Second Language in their teritary education. Our teachers are friendly, patient and highly experienced. We have both Chinese and foreign tutors to serve students from total beginners to full proficient users.

Shall I follow Chinese or foreign tutors?

It depends on your English proficiency. Beginners will discover the fundamentals of the language and will be benefited from bilingual teachers for better communication and easier understanding. Intermediate and advanced learners may follow foreign tutors to further enhance their competence and confidence in comprehensive English usage and communication with native speakers.

What is your course design?

We provide one-to-one or small group courses customized to fit your needs. You receive full attention from our experienced, native English teachers. Plus, you are free to schedule your class according to your preferences.

Shall I join one-to-one or small group course?

One-to-one course is customized to your actual needs with a flexible class schedule, whereas small group courses offer you more opportunity to interact with others who have a similar level of English as you (feel free to bring your friends and learn with them!).

Can I decide my learning goals?

Of course you can. Our teachers first assess your current English levels and find out what your learning objectives are. We then design a tailor-made syllabus to achieve your needs. Our courses are highly diversified around business, social, everyday life, and academic English such as IELTS and DSE.

Shall I buy textbooks and notes?

We provide you all the course books, notes and authentic materials from various media at no extra costs.

Can I cancel or change my class?

Simply call our center and re-schedule your class at least 2 working days in advance.

Is it difficult to book a class?

Definitely not. Simply complete a lesson and make your reservation at our reception and your class will be arranged right away.

Can I go on after finishing my 8-hour course?

Sure. Our courses are highly continuous and designed to suits your very needs for everyday use, business encounters, academic exams or personal enhancement. At NEEC we cover all your spontaneous studying needs and more long-term learning goals.

How to sign up and pay the tuition fee?

Please register in person or by call. We accept cash, EPS, crossed cheque and bank deposit.