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Writing and Grammar course

Course Objectives

This course enables you to write in a more structured and disciplined manner with confidence. It helps you to write clearly and effectively and to understand the general rules of effective written communication. You will learn the essential English grammar rules and a variety of practical sentence structures. Different types of writing will be covered and you will learn the fundamental techniques in producing various types of business and academic writings.

Course Contents

  • Grammar
    • Overview of English tense and verb system
    • Active voice, present perfect, simple past, past perfect
    • Modals and auxiliaries, conditionals, passives
    • Participles and participle clauses
    • Articles, adjectives and adverbs

  • Writing Skills
    • Informal letters, emails, essays and articles
    • Content, organization and structure
    • Effective vocabulary and sentence structure
    • Punctuation and linking words
    • Tone and style